Online self-publishing course

Have you written a book you’re proud of and want to self-publish like a professional?

Are you confused by:

  • the process of e-publishing with Amazon?
  • the terminology of ebooks?
  • all the conflicting advice you find online?

Did you know:

  • you need at least three accounts to self-publish with Amazon?
  • an ebook is really a web page, which means there are all kinds of things you can do with it?

If you want to publish an ebook you can be proud of in the most efficient and effective way possible, this How to Publish an Ebook on Amazon’s Kindle course is for you.

Don’t waste time getting your book in the hands of readers by making mistakes or getting frustrated.

Ever wondered why anyone would choose to get a 35% royalty from Amazon when there’s a 70% royalty on offer?

Learn from a professional writer how to publish an ebook on Amazon’s who not only his own books on Amazon but who co-authored the first comprehensive survey of self-publishing authors, the Taleist Self-Publishing Survey, referenced by international media, including The Guardian, Forbes, the New Yorker, and the Bookseller.

This course is available online

Tricia Mason

This is a clear, concise and sometime humorous look at online self-publishing. It provides writers the information that we need. Very useful!

Tricia MasonAuthorThe ‘Christmouse’ Boot